If you find an error in the posted recap sheet, contact the game director as soon as possible, but before the same game is played the following week. If the error is due to the Director mis-entering a result that was on the traveler, then the mistake will be rectified immediately. If the traveler was posted correctly, then the Director will attempt to contact the opposing pair and see whether they agree that the traveler is in error. Note: Best policy is to check the traveler whether you are east, west, or even south before it is replaced in the board.


Rather than use fixed strata for all games, the games are stratified at the director's discretion, according to the players who are present at the game.

Usually, the games are stratified so that there are at least 4 pairs in the lowest strata in each field. The point holdings of pairs (occasionally the highest point holder in a pair, but usually the average of the two) varies considerably from day-to-day and even week-to-week on the same day.

Why have four pairs in the "C" strat? Because the ACBL awards at least the top two of the four "C" strat pairs masterpoints regardless of their scores. If one of those pairs has considerably more points than the other 3 "C" pairs, and was moved into the "B" strat, then only one "C" strat pair is guaranteed points. Of course, "C" strat pairs can earn higher "B" and "A" strat points by outscoring "B" and/or "A" pairs.


The Club exercises its prerogative under ACBL regulations to generally disallow unusual bids such as opening bids that show one of three types of hands. Understanding and developing defenses against such bids is too time-consuming and will discourage newer players from attending our games.

In general, any method listed on the ACBL's General Convention Chart (GCC) is permissible. Please check with a director before using any non-GCC method.

We use the ACBL's alerting and announcing guidelines. Those guidelines are documented on the ACBL Alert Chart.